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Welcome to my portfolio as a teacher and as online learning specialist!

🇬🇧 I’m a lifelong learner and  a language teaching expert. I am originally from Brazil, but since 2017 I live and work in Helsinki / Finland.

🇫🇮Moi! Minun nimi on Luciana , tervetuloa minun portfolion sivuun! Olen elinikäinen oppija ja kielen opetuksen asiantuntija.  Olen kotoisin Brasiliasta mutta olen asunut ja työskentelyt Helsingissä 2017 lähtien.

🇧🇷 Olá! Eu sou Luciana, bem-vindx ao meu portfólio. Eu sou uma eterna aprendiz e também especialista em ensino de língua. Eu sou do Brasil, mas moro e trabalho em Helsinque, Finlândia, desde 2017.

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Pedagogical approach

My principles used in my teaching and work  practices

My pedagogical approach is compounded by experiences and studies that date since I became a student. This means that my approach is always under construction, it is constantly reviewed and is always permeated by new life experiences. My latest studies at Haaga-Helia, made me aware of this and they helped to catenate the following principles and actions:

pedagogical approach


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Professional Educational Competences 


"I develop my practical theory using scientific reasoning"

Digital Sketching

“I use digital tools in a pedagogically appropriate manner.”


"I design study processes which are personalised and negotiable and that take the varied cultural backgrounds of my students into account "

Background photo by Junior REIS on Unsplash


Teaching the Brazilian Way

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Key takeaways from learning and working in Brazilian educational system

  1. Teaching in highly demanding contexts makes you resilient.

  2. Some students need more attention and protection than others. And providing those may be a lifesaver.

  3. You have to learn fast how to adapt your class plan to environmental challenges, to lack of materials and supplies.

  4. Talk with students and to the students: your linguistic choices are very important to catch them.

  5. Be constantly aware to avoid gender and race bias.


Teaching the Finnish Way

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Key takeaways from learning and working in the Finnish educational system

  1. Give your students time to think, to answer and to act. Listen to them and don't be anxious with the silent moments.

  2. Be extra careful with students and coworkers image and data; respect their privacy.

  3. Learning is fun and it is something deeply respected valued by the whole society.

  4. The use of cellphones and other technological devices are not a threat, instead they can be used to facilitate the teaching process as well.

  5. Hands-on and contextualized activities are a wonderful way to promote engagement. 

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My work experience in pictures

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See a collection of pictures of my work and studies experiences


Other activities

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See other activities I am or I was involved with

Study Group


The Portuguese Language Teachers Association in Finland (APPF) works for integrating those who teach the Portuguese language in the country. Currently, I work as the 2nd vice-president of APPF. 

Designer Notebook


During my Master I have developed great passion for studies in metacognition in education and writing. You can read my thesis (in portuguese) here.

Online Learning

 Heritage Language

I cooperate with different institutions and agents to promote the Portuguese as a heritage language in Finland. Through Lukupesä (Ninho ry), I help people to organize storytelling sessions in PT with books from de Multilingual Library (HELMET).

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